Monday, January 17, 2011

to the blogosphere

To the blogosphere:

Confession: my food addiction takes on a particularly bitter and destructive form. Bulimia sucks! It has taken over my life and made the last six months a living hell. I'm now in an intensive outpatient treatment program. Struggling today, because I feel like it's not helping at all. So my treatment coordinator is strongly suggesting that I go to a residential treatment program. It would mean well, a lot of different things. I am so torn in this decision. I hope that this remains an anonymous blog, though honestly, I'm not particularly sure how to do that. Maybe I shouldn't post this. Just sick of being ashamed and fearful. And sick of being sick.

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  1. you are a storng woman and prayer will be waht helps you find the path that needs to be taken. have faith and trust the lord. I am here for you if you need anything <3 ya