Thursday, February 2, 2012

while I'm at it

I figure while I'm being reflective, I'll mention the most hysterical Christmas present ever. Thank you sister for a wreath made of menstrual pads.

A month late on the reflectiveness

So most people do this sort of thing in January, but I actually didn't get reflective about 2011 until Jan 2012. So here's my year as far as I remember:

Lived in San Mateo. Went on the most amazing date of my life. Did 30ish days of outpatient/php at Mills Penninusla.

Started residential treatment at Center for Hope of the Sierras. Started a new path on loving and taking care of myself.

Continued CHS. My grandma passed away. Had my first birthday cake that I enjoyed and enjoyed keeping down.

Stepped down to outpatient/php at CHS. Stayed on a bucking horse and found my confidence.

Came home from CHS. Started living life at home on the road to recovery.

Got job at Curves. My horse moved to a ranch 10 minutes away and I got to see him and ride him all the time.

I don't remember anything particular happening this month, excepting really missing my sister, Lacey.

Started back at school.

Roommate drama hell.

Started to relapse.Relapsed, though not as bad as before going into treatment. Car got broken into.

Relapse continued. Started pulling myself out of it. Second Thanksgiving of my life away from my parents.

Pulled myself out of it. Christmas.

It seems like last year was so much about my eating disorder. Next year, I want this all to be about living life!