Sunday, October 30, 2011

cooking spree

I am on a cooking spree! I made hummus, because I am always out. I've decided to only do it by the half batch, because otherwise I end up with chunks of garlic thanks to my not awesome blender. It is much happier with one can of beans to puree rather than two. I've also stopped adding any sort of oil, and just kept more water from the can. Not sure I like that, but I need to get some good olive oil (not the kind that I just use to make things not stick to the pan) again. Also, I'm almost out of tahini! But I'm happy for an excuse to go to the Assyrian bakery where it's cheapest and get a piece or two of pistachio candy.
I made a giant pot of spicy lentil soup from a mix someone gave my mom. She'd never cook it, so I brought it home. The recipe called for some sort of sausage but I substituted morningstar meatless meatballs, so we'll see. It also called for celery and carrots, but I had none. I only put in the onion. I also added a few handfuls of brown rice because it seemed the texture would be rather boring otherwise. The problem is that I have this giant pot of soup now that I could never finish before it goes bad. Should I freeze it? Is it better to freeze soup by the bag full or in containers? I know my friend's mom always has frozen soup in Trader Joe's yogurt tubs in the freezer. Also, I'm rather limited on good freezer bags and would rather not create more waste for the landfill. Suggestions?
The soup mix came with a corn muffin mix. I don't have a muffin pan (though I have the paper cupcake thingys from when I borrowed one lol) so I just made it in the smallest glass baking pan I have and kept checking and sticking a toothpick in till it the toothpick came out clean. Now I have shallow cornbread. I don't believe I've made cornbread since I was a kid. I also just realize that I didn't put anything on the pan so it wouldn't stick :/ oops.
Beans from the bean mix that lived in my mom's pantry for years before I saved it are now in the crockpot. They will be mixed with refried beans for burritos later.
I cooked some dehydrated apples to make more applesauce, but halfway through blending I decided I wanted to try an apple bake instead. So I scooped what I had blended into a breadpan and laid the unblended apple slices/bits on top. I spread a thin layer of quick oats, cinnamon, and brown sugar on top. I poured a little bit of the apple juice over the oats, then stored the rest. I could put it through a coffee filter to strain out the small apple bits, but it will probably go into a protein shake later, so I didn't bother. Baked at 300 for like 20 minutes.
I've cooked all this food, but I'm not the least bit hungry right now? Oh well. I will post later on how they turned out.

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