Monday, August 2, 2010

Day 13

Things that made me want to eat today:

1. frustration that there's not enough time to get everything done
2. stupid paycheck didn't come
3. interview went well but turns out I can't even take the job
4. court went really badly for my parents trying to get my sister's stuff back from her ex-fiance

Reasons not to eat (not that I didn't want to anyway):
1. I got an 89 on my last physics test, added 21 points the one before that, and now if I get an 89 on the test on Thursday I can get an A in the class
2. I passed the 3rd CSET subtest! YAY! (ie huge future teacher test)
3. I got paid the parent fee from last month so I had a little bit of income.
4. I played chess with my wonderful niece

Another abstinent day mashalla

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