Thursday, August 5, 2010

Day 15

What a day. looooong. I finally got to nap for a about an hour.

Things that really made me want to eat:
1. money worries
2. stressing about comm test
3. stressing about physics final tomorrow
4. stressing about writing research paper by Monday
5. stressing about finding a way to make more money by the end of the month
6. totally filthy disgusting kitchen

Reasons to celebrate and not eat:
1. went to endocrinologist nurse practitioner for a squeeze me in last minute appointment and now I'm down to 1 diabetes medication!
2. getting an A on my communications test
3. getting my paycheck! no matter how small it was
4. getting to make a small payment towards paying off debt
5. finishing book that made me so grateful for what I have
6. Having another abstinent day mashallah

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