Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day 7

What a long day. Spiritually affirming and challenging too (I love not feeling the compulsion to write in complete sentences on my blog yay for fragments and run on sentences!).
Things that made me want to eat today
1. Missing my sister (she passed away a month ago yesterday)
2. getting a 66% on my physics test
3. having to restudy for the extra credit quiz on Monday while studying for the regular physics test on Thursday
4. time crunch
5. Buying gas on money meant for next semester's books
6. all day long stress of trying to cram for exam tonight
7. panicking about taking an exam for my online communications class and finishing before midnight
8. the strong desire to take a nap and knowing I don't have the time
9. my paycheck still hasn't come!
10. No work for me this weekend

Things I'm grateful for today (some of which made me want to eat):
1. I have an interview on Monday at the campus bookstore
2. I have a chance to raise my physics test score 20 points
3. I got to see my mom for about an hour today
4. My sister gave me a scarf as a present and free produce
5. all the delicious in season squash
6. I got 66/70 on my communications test I just finished, 94% oh yeah!
7. I got to talk to my counselor today about all the things going on in my head
8.I had the blessing of taking my friend to her second missionary lesson
9. I get to work tonight
10. I had another abstinent day

See, more reasons to be grateful than reasons to eat. Another abstinent day mashallah

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