Saturday, November 19, 2011

Thankful 16-19

16. I'm thankful for what health I do have. I can go 2 miles in under 30 minutes. I can breathe. There are meds available to help keep my moods stable. I DON'T HAVE TO TAKE INSULIN ANYMORE!
17. I am thankful for little kids that make me smile and realize what life is really about. I love working childcare at a local church while they have mom's club. I'm even grateful for sore abs after sitting up and being piled/pushed down by little hands over and over and over. My abs stopped long before their giggles.
18. I'm thankful for courageous special needs people. When a guy who has some mental challenges got up tonight at the talent show during thanksgiving dinner, he sang is heart out. Musically, it was not awesome. However, it was inspiring to see him fight his fear and for everyone to cheer and clap along. Not one person (in my hearing anyway) laughed.
19. I am so thankful my best friend now only lives 2 hours away instead of 2 states!

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