Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Thankful 6-7

6. I am thankful for where church is. I meet with other young single adults in the area about 25 minutes away. There are other chapels much closer, but that's where I go to be with other YSA's. There are several people in our ward that don't have cars, and I have kind of become the unofficial carpool from this part of town. I love it! I am so grateful for these women (usually) who lift me up and give me a chance to socialize and chit chat before church fills my spirit. I have gotten to know some of them well and become close friends.
7. Tonight I am thankful for apologies. I am thankful for the word "sorry". When I say it, each time I work on only saying it when I truly feel bad for what I did and work on not doing it again (if that sentence seemed a little awkward, it's cause I'm working on not using the word "try"). Last week I called a friend a "stupid face." This is something I usually reserve for cars that piss me off on the road. Granted, he sometimes is being blind to what's good in front of him, but I still shouldn't have called him that. So after letting it eat at me for a few days (felt too prideful to apologize to him, yeah need to work on that too) I said sorry. He said, "lol I forgive you." A week's worth of ick feeling so not worth the good feeling of being forgiven. Next time I'll just do it right off. Also thankful for the readily given forgiveness of good people.

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