Sunday, November 6, 2011

Thankful 4-5

Friday I went to my primary care doc for the first time in a while. We discussed my resent lab results. I am thankful to be in the best shape of my life. Even if it doesn't last, I am thankful for what health I have while I have it. I'm not going to be despondent over what I can't control. I'm going to do what I can.
Saturday - I am thankful for my cat, Trout. He is the sweetest thing. I'm sad he has to live with my parents, but he really didn't like living inside. I went to visit my parents. He doesn't like my mom's cats. He thinks they're ghosts (they don't have hair) and runs away even when he'll take on other cats twice his size. I closed the door to the rest of the house and opened the sliding door to the porch and called him inside. We snuggled and napped together on the spare room bed. I went outside before I left to snuggle goodbye. I put him on my lap and put my feet on the stool. My sister's black cat came and sat laid across my shoulders. Our fattest cat, Lardo, came beside the chair demanding to be pet, and my brother's cat, Emma, came to the footstool. I needed more than two hands. We all scattered though, when it started to rain.

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