Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thankful 21-23

21. I'm thankful for martial arts. Even though I don't get to train at a dojo right now, I still love it. I'm grateful for the chance to train on Monday.
22. I'm thankful for my family's sense of humor. They sometimes have a dirty sense of humor, but it's good to see when it's between husband and wife and their 12 year old goes "Mom!!!" Appreciate it kid. Don't think about it, but appreciate it. Also, when I say that enough is enough, they stop. Well at least the ones I was around Tuesday do.
23. I'm grateful for my math teachers in high school. I walked into a math test today totally unprepared. There were parts that yeah I had no freaking clue, but there were parts that I knew because of good high school math teachers. So even though I know I didn't do well, at least I was able to do something! (when I say unprepared, I mean I went to two classes this entire unit)

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